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Apple came out with a new tablet PC. I was wondering whether it will be able to reach the massive popularity apple’s ipod enjoyed and is still enjoying. Any comments?


Feels great to be in a new job at a much responsible position. A new feeling indeed. Path ahead full of challenges that offers me enough potential and workspace to prove myself in my domain. And yes, it was really nice to go for a movie with all the company staff in such a short span of my joining. Hope to see more and more movies together! And ya my old pals do keep in touch. Don’t dare to forget!! 🙂

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Working on my blog to make it look more fresh, more user friendly, more appealing and last but not the least more professional. Playing with wordpress to enhance the features of my blog. Also working on it to make it more Search Engine friendly. Some of the changes I have incorporated to my blog are:

  • Integrated chat box to my blog through which all of you can interact with me through chat on Meebo.
  • Interlinked my facebook & twitter account with my wordpress blog.
  • Integrated my twitter tweets on to my wordpress blog.
  • Increased the number of tabs on my blog so that you can know more about me.
  • My blog is now sponsored by Sprint and gets dedicated to a noble cause as well.
  • Integrated Poll first time on to my blog (Good time wasted to get hold on this).
  • The blog header looks more refreshing & lively now.

Working on some more advance features for my blog. Everyone likes change. So keep watching. Cheers!

The total number of websites that have been submitting Sitemap files have increased tremendously over the last year. sitemapSitemap enable search engines to locate new and changed content on the website quickly. Sitemaps do help search engine crawlers understand your site in a better way.

Google is constantly working on the Google Sitemap feature. Read the latest updates related to Sitemaps on Google Webmaster Central Blog.

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An off-technical post again from my side! Even I don’t know if my blog is going on to technical side or non-technical posts are over powering the technical ones. Anyways, as long as the posts are interesting & worth sharing, let them go on my blog! All of you guys must be watching TV shows. Some of you might be interested in watching daily soap operas while some might

Man vs Wildbe more inclined towards watching adventurous kind of shows, one of them being “Man vs Wild” aired on Discovery Channel every week.

I personally like this show very much and never miss any episode of this show. Thanks to Discovery Networks for producing marvellous shows like this.

Man vs Wild featuring Bear Grylls is a new series on the The Discovery Channel. In this series mountaineer and adventurist Bear Grylls demonstrates survival skills through conditions unimaginable to the average man. Each episode depicts man’s venture into the most extreme situations ever aired.

Want to see a snippet of the show? Catch Bear Grylls live in action here [ High bandwidth required 🙂 ]!

Warning: The video footage might contain scenes which can disturb the viewer.  Viewer Discretion is advised.

In the show, Grylls demonstrates and narrates techniques for survival in regions around the globe. The general format of each episode is that Grylls is left stranded in a region. The episode documents his efforts to survive and find a way back to civilization, usually requiring an overnight shelter of some kind. Bear also tells about successful and failed survivals in the particular area he is in.

Each episode takes about one week to shoot. Before each shooting the crew does about a week of on field survey, followed by Bear Grylls doing a flyover of the terrain. Grylls then undergoes two days of intensive survival briefings.

Grylls spend two days on location prior to dropping in and goes through all the safety and other important briefings as well as being briefed on local conditions such as flora and fauna by local rangers and a local bushcraft expert. He is followed on the program by a cameraman and a sound engineer.

Content inputs taken from :



Video footage sourced from:


Discovery Networks

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As cell phones are going more sophisticated day by day with added features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, GPRS and latest on offer- 3G, people have started surfing internet on their wireless devices as well. So it becomes crucial that a mobilewebsite works well in case it is viewed on a wireless device. In case the display media is a cell phone, the screen is only 2 or 3 inches, downloads can be slow, and visitors tend to be more result oriented. Here are some tips to optimize a site for mobile display:
1) Key performance marketing goals should be no more than 1-3 clicks away from the homepage. Mobile web users are often impatient and tend to get to results as fast as they can.
2) Place core content at the top of the first page and follow with navigation. In contrast to desktop web design where we often place the same navigation bar on every web page, a site optimized for mobile should have navigation bar only on the first page. Since the viewing area on a cell phone is small, mobile users should see the content changing when they surf ahead of the home page.
3) Keep the navigation very simple using large text links. Provide fewer navigation options to pages that have less information. Use images only when needed in order to decrease the site loading time as mobile networks dont work at speeds comparable to wired networks.
4) Use sitemaps and robots.txt so that spiders can quickly index your mobile site.
5) Use keyword rich URL’s for the web pages.
6) Do not use Flash, pop ups, i-frames, java-script or frames. Some of these technologies block mobile spiders and none can be expected to render well on mobile platforms at this time.
7) Optimize your site for 1-2 word keyphrases. Mobile users tend to search for smaller phrases with fewer words.
8) Be sure phone numbers are clickable. Keep in mind while mobile handsets usually render phone numbers clickable, the following syntax helps to ensure this: < href=tel:2503851190?>250-385-1190</a>. The conversion goal for mobile applications is often a visitor calling a phone number. Your clickable phone number and main website address should be in the footer of each mobile page.
Content ideas for the above post borrowed from below mentioned url with related inputs added.
Get a glimpse of Google mobile website here:

 Happy Surfing!

Captchas are in widespread use today, usually in the form of obscured or distorted text that people can still read.
Preventing bots from filling out forms automatically is a hard task. Researchers at Google have been thinking about


more effective ways of achieving this goal. In a captcha we often see jumbled up words that we have to decipher before we can submit a form but yes even bots can figure out those words using some intelligent automated softwares.
Google has come out with research results about a new test to foil computers pretending to be humans by requiring them to orient an image so it’s upright.
The test that have been applied is a latest variation on a screening technique called a Captcha (completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart). The idea is that people can often tell which way is up in a photo, but computers have a harder time to decipher that.
To get a visual idea of the process involved just explore the below mentioned hyperlink:

Disclaimer: The name(s) used or referred to in the above post are respective properties of the organization concerned. Relevant inputs and ideas have been added from various online sources to make the post more informative.

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